Project by Lena, Malin & Torstein


Our task was to create a Teacher Feedback application that could give the teacher real time information through the lecture.

We chose to use PhoneGap as our core development platform, because it was easier to develop and push to different platforms. The technology in PhoneGap is based on native HTML and CSS, which we all are familiar with.



The color of the mood is set by the students, using a slider

If the students feel boring, they move the slide towards boring. If it feels interested, they move it towards interesting.


The needle on the difficultygauge is also set by the student

If students feel that the content is hard to understand, they move the slider towards hard and commit this by using the button

App compiled on iOS:


The pollquestion and options can be created here by clicking the the questionbubble to the left

When this is done, you will see the new question in the dropdown list and if you choose it, it will show the different options in the graph area


A poll can only be voted on, if the teacher has started a votesession. This is done by clicking this symbol , so you can se it shifts towards green

For seeing the results of the poll you can either let it autorefresh or you can manually update it by clicking . So if you want to create tension for the voteresult, this is the way to go


Messages are created by the students. The message can contain everything from questions to comments on the slide

The limit for a message is 250 characters. All messages are anonymous; there is just date and ID that is saved.


On statistic page you can see this:

Better look at the APPicon: